What I Might Do...

Recently Ben Pearce spoke candidly about his experience with anxiety and depression, and the potential career ending implications his mental health had for him.

Ben shot to fame in 2013 with his deep house track What I Might Do (it’s brill, I love the video)

What first struck me about Ben’s interview was how candidly he spoke about his experiences. Mental health and wellbeing still don’t seem to get the attention they deserve in mainstream media and it’s certainly rare to hear about a world famous, globetrotting DJ’s battle to beat depression and anxiety.

Ben said:

“‘It's a male thing of 'you shouldn't be struggling, just get on with what you're doing'”

This really resonates, I hear so many people (male and female) say they’re just getting on with it. There’s always something that takes precedence over our health, sometimes our physical health but more often our mental health.

 As human being’s we’re keyed into finding distractions to make us feel good, often losing sight of the delicate balance of our mental health. We are never more than a few feet or inches from our phones, or a click away from a box set.  How long would it take you to get some wine from bottle to glass?

How long does it take to address a nagging feeling, that keeps rising to the surface? How quickly do we roll out a tried and tested tactic for improving our sense of wellbeing? How responsive are we to change in our mood that could indicate something deeper?

Good mental health takes work, it takes training and it takes patience. That’s the rub. It’s not always easy, but here’s the good news. A lot of the time you already have, every single resource and skill you need to get yourself to a state of good mental health and wellbeing.

The key is learning to unlock and enhance these innate skills and resources!

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Claire Guthrie