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Claire is a skilled and engaging trainer. She works with a range of complex subjects and connects with the group while remaining professional and knowledgeable. Claire has a warm and friendly approach, backed up with great materials and confidence
— Director - Single Parents Wales

Managing stress, building resilienceS

Some of the most common causes for both short and long term absence from work are stress and mental ill health. At any time one out of six employees will be suffering the effects of depression, anxiety or stress related issues. This one-day course provides a fresh understanding of the real causes of stress and how we can reduce the ill effects experienced as a result. It will provide a deeper understanding of the differences between being stressed and stretched, the antidote to the myth of ‘good stress’.  


In8 in the workplace

In8 cards are a versatile, emotional health tool. They provide an engaging and gentle approach to assessment, goal setting and problem solving, all things that have the potential to feel intrusive and potentially threatening, particularly in the work environment. As employers, managers and change makers we have a duty to explore new and innovative ways to unlock the true potential of our staff and clients. The In8 cards provide that opportunity. As a tool for change and personal growth in the work place they reframe and invigorate the traditional structures of one to ones, supervisions and appraisal documents. In8 cards provide a tactile and visually engaging approach to understanding personal goals and what innate resources your staff and clients have to achieve their ambitions.


In8 for frontline workers


In8 cards are also a very powerful intervention when working with vulnerable client groups. They are adaptable and can be used to good effect in either one to one support sessions, or in a peer group setting. When using In8 cards service users will be able to disclose the information at their pace, using the images and visual stimulus to help them explore their feelings in a deeper way, than just by using language. For the vast majority of service users in supported accommodation, tenancy support services, or any other kind of frontline provision, trauma, abuse, violence and addiction are highly likely to be presenting needs. In8 cards can unlock a service users’ ability to engage their rational brain, lower their emotional arousal and discover how to use their innate resource to overcome their challenges.


Claire delivers informative and engaging training. She involves participants, actively listens and is able to adapt her style depending on the knowledge level of the delegates. Claire’s calm, reassuring manner puts trainees at ease.
— Assistant Manager