Group Work


The programme allows participants to reflect on their emotional states and the positive or negative effects these have on themselves and the impact on the people around them. Techniques and tools to understand and manage emotional arousal are taught and practiced. Goal setting and the monitoring of well-being both play an important part of the course for changes to be measured, reviewed and evidenced.


Anger and aggression can be highly destructive for those who have difficulty in controlling such emotions. The impact can be far-reaching, jeopardising accommodation, relationships, parenting ability and liberty . A practical course to manage anger, educating participants about the physiology of anger and how triggers can be recognised. Each participant will set a personal goal and learn a practical anger management tool in every session.


The IN8 Cards are a versatile emotional health tool which provide a non- threatening, non-intrusive approach to assessment, goal setting and problem solving. The cards are used to identify strengths to  better meet emotional needs. The cards will allow the participant to explore various aspects of life at their own pace and begin to recognise where changes can be made to make improvements.


This course is for anyone who needs to work out where they are and what they need from life. I found the whole experience amazing
— Just What We Need Participant

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